We are Kolektyf!

We’re a group of designers, architects and artists.
Kolektyf is us, it’s our friends, the talented, open-minded people that we have the pleasure of meeting along the way. Kolektyf is our idea for living, for realising our passion at work, for maintaining a cool, creative atmosphere around us.

Our team

Our clients


“We have been working with Kolektyf since 2009! It’s mainly their professionalism that we appreciate them for! Whatever they set about, they do it 200%. Thanks to them we have brilliant spaces to work in, in Poland and at our our headquarters abroad. We dragged them from Wrocław to Holland, the Czech Republic, Croatia and the UK. Distance made no difference to the quality of service, and, to be honest, neither did the pressure of time or different expectations. A guarantee of fine creativity for every project (and there were a lot of them – from a trade fair exhibition, POS to large outdoor campaigns). Comprehensive, professional, on time and with a good atmosphere. We recommend collaborating and using the services of Kolektyf!”


  • Katarzyna Wolska
  • Kamil Pilarski

“We commissioned Kolektyf to arrange the interior of the BrightOne office in Szczecin. We didn’t expect such a surprise! They astonished us with an original idea – the leitmotif being the story of Mr Samochodzik, a hero of children’s literature who drives his car around our city. This is a clever reference to our automotive industry as well as creating a very comfortable workplace. I recommend Kolektyf. They never give up!”


  • Jakub Borowczyk

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