We are a team of designers, architects and artists.
Kolektyf means us, it means our friends and it means talented and open-minded people we are pleased to meet on our way. Kolektyf means our concept of life, the way we want to realize our passions in our workplace and the way to keep up creative and friendly atmosphere around us.

Our team

Our clients


“We have entrusted Kolektyf with a difficult task of organizing our office at Business Garden in Warsaw, to which we intended to move from a number of other locations. It was a real challenge. Every element of interior required some intervention: wallpapers, interior signage (within a labyrinth of complex space), the entire communication and information system, front office, conference room etc. Paying attention to every single detail it their mark – Kolektyf even provided us with pot plants and paintings. Their approach is impeccable, flexible and comprehensive.”


  • Piotr Kwiatkowski

“We have been working with Kolektyf since 2009! Above all we value them for their professional approach! Whatever task they undertake, they do it 200%! We owe our excellent working spaces both, in Poland and abroad, to them. We brought them from Wrocław to the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Croatia and the United Kingdom. It made no difference for the quality of their services despite the distance they had to cover and, let’s not delude ourselves, time pressure and various expectations as well. They are a guarantee of good creation with all their realizations (and there have been many, from a fair exhibition, POS to large outdoor campaigns). Comprehensive, professional and timely services delivered in a friendly atmosphere. We recommend services rendered by Kolektyf and encourage you to take benefit of cooperation with them!”


  • Katarzyna Wolska
  • Kamil Pilarski

“We asked Kolektyf to arrange the interior of the BrighOne office in Szczecin. We never expected such a surprise! We were amazed with their concept – the leitmotif was the story of Pan Samochodzik (Mister Automobile), the main character who drives his vehicle around our city.  It was a clever way to find a connection with the automotive industry and makes a very comfortable place of work. I do recommend Kolektyf. They never give up!”


  • Jakub Borowczyk

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